The Kaminsky's
Great Adventure!


Before setting out to see the US & Canada, we logged a lot of miles overseas…

2009    Panama
2008    Costa Rica
2007    Belize
           Med Cruise:
           Spain, France,
           Italy, Santorini,
           Malta, Istanbul
           Greece (Athens)
2006    Grand Cayman
           Ecuador (Andes)
           Galapagos Islands
2005    Amsterdam
           Canada (PEI)
2004    Tobago
2003    Tobago
1996    Nassau
           Korea                             Thailand
           Hong Kong
1995    Amsterdam       

See Where We've Been!

We live full time in our Beaver Contessa ('Tessa') and we tow a RAV 4 ('Toadee') so we can get around just about anywhere.  And we take lots of pictures and like to share.

Each time we change locations, we make a new journal entry and post pictures.  You're invited to check out those pictures, and the entries, by going to   

Tell Us Where to Go!

We love when our friends make suggestions about where we should visit.  If there's a town, park, restaurant. festival, garden, or anything else you think we'd enjoying seeing, please drop either Ray or Ellen an email and tell us where to go!

On The Road w/Tessa & Toadee

Ellen & Ray Kaminsky

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